Hello friends, I’m Elizabeth 


The lyrics to Hoobastank – The Reason is basically why I am here. But I’m sending the message to myself as I am trying to rise to the occasion that is life.

I love all things health related and I am here to show you how I am implementing the things I have learned over the past couple of years into my day-to-day. I am still learning and growing and I would love your company on this ride.


New Holistic Soul is where support, encouragement, mind-expanding is fostered. It is the determination to build a better life, based on the knowledge I have at the time. I am constantly in the pursuit of becoming a better human. Not that I am a tyrant, but I feel like we could all try a little harder to be healthier and kinder to ourselves and others. I am excited to bring New Holistic Soul to you so I can share the things I have discovered in life . I will also share resources, experiences, and words that promote a happier and healthier life for New Holistic Soul readers.


I am 22 and am fully aware that I  have a lot to learn. On top of that, I am a newlywed, so that’s exciting! We have a fur-baby (Wow, I never thought I would say that word). I was born in Australia and I have been living in various parts of this beautiful country all my life. My heart is filled with the “warm and fuzzies” when I spend time, enjoying precious moments with my family and friends, exploring new recipes, cuddling with my pup and spending time with my high school sweetheart.’

‘Thank you so much for visiting. I am very pleased to meet you and I hope you stick around on this journey so we can get to know one another’

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