A part of starting your day right is most definitely setting up a night routine that makes morning tasks streamlined and easy. When setting up a morning routine you need to decide what tasks you wish to do every night in detail, even down to the order you wish to complete the tasks in. Ever since I was a little kid I remember my parents wrote a nightly routine, however when I was in high school I really only had a morning routine… This is going to be the best nightly routine!

When I introduced a comprehensive night routine my mornings became A LOT less stressful and I was even able to relax a little before I left for school or work. My nightly routine can start as soon as a get home from work or can be delayed until after dinner.

As soon as I get home I like to take off my makeup and let my skin breathe for a while before I hit it with some antioxidant serum or night cream. I also like to do five-minute room pick up. I have found that doing a little bit every day is so much easier to swallow. I am an all or nothing kind of person which means that when I let things go our home will end up pretty messy, so doing five minutes (sometimes per room) have been instrumental in my keeping a tidy home. I also like to see if I can complete at least one chore that I have been meaning to do or keep putting off, like clean out the fridge or cupboards. being specific in the items you want to complete is also important. I find that writing ‘have a healthy dinner’ makes more of an impact than just writing ‘have dinner.’ I would like to get to sleep early, however, it is harder to do reality. I am working on it, though! So I hope this routine gives you some inspiration. Obviously, It does not suit everyone but it is the best routine I have work with so far.


Night Routine

-Get Home

-Put bag, Keys, Shoes, in Their Home

-Remove Makeup

-Complete a Chore

-Go for Walk with Husband and Pup

-Check Calendar, ‘to-do’ List and Shopping List

-Prepare a Healthy Dinner

-Clean Kitchen

-Set up Breakfast for Tomorrow

-Make Cold Brew Tomorrows Hibiscus Tea

-Make a Cup of Tea & Relax (Read/Netflix)

-Get Clothes and Bag Ready for Tomorrow

-Wash Face

-Brush Teeth

-Oil Pull

-Apply Antioxidant Serum and Night Cream

-Braid Hair


-Go to Bed Early


Thank you again for stopping by. I really hope you liked my evening routine! I would love to know what things you have to do every night before you can go to sleep!