Macca Smoothie // Macca Smoothie Bowl

This recipe is so delicious, healthy and extremely easy to make. No wonder smoothies and smoothie bowls are so popular…




This smoothie has been one of my staples for the last couple of weeks. I have adapted it from a recipe I found online. When I have a more relaxed morning I opt for the smoothie bowl because I can top it with more fruit and other goodies. So, when I am in a rush the smoothie in a ‘shaker’ drink container is the way to go. It has a delicious flavour and a vibrant green colour! This recipe makes two serves.




Serves 2

4x -Bananas (ripened & frozen)

2 tsp- Maca powder

2 tsp- Flaxseed (ground)

2 tsp- Vanilla protein powder (I use the Raw, Vegan, sunwarrior brand)

2 tsp- Barley grass juice powder

2 cup(smoothie) // ½ cup (smoothie bowl)- Plant milk (coconut, almond, oat, rice etc.)

Maple syrup- (to Taste)

Toppings- banana, frozen cherries & raspberries are my go to




  1. Set aside toppings
  2. Blend remaining ingredients until smooth and creamy (add more liquid until you get the desired consistency)
  3. Add toppings to smoothie bowl and serve