It is difficult at times to put what you know about healthy living into practice. Everyone knows that eating healthy food and regular physical activity is essential for losing weight and getting healthy, but it can be a struggle to implement. For some people it may be easy to go running every day, for others however, cutting out fast-food and soft drink is easy. For me I find it easy to eat heaps of vegetables, however, I do get pizza, fast-food and other unhealthy food when I am not prepared. Knowing where to start is often difficult as well. You might think, ‘I can’t start today, I have a party on the weekend.’ So then you may plan to start the following Monday, which seems the realistic option….

Today I am bringing you some ideas on how I plan to start my healthy life. I understand that making healthy decisions needs to be done multiple times a day for long term health. I do believe there are things you need to be stricter with in the beginning so you can build your self-control and confidence when it comes to choosing healthy options.

I have managed to put into five points the things I have learned over the past few days which will be helpful in giving me confidence to officially begin my journey to become a better, healthier, kinder human being.

No. 1

Identify Goal

It is important to identify your overall goal. My goal is to eliminate energy-dense, low-nutrient foods from my diet. This does include most processed foods, however, I will still include processed health food such as protein, macca, spirulina powders along with other ‘superfoods.’ This is the end goal. There are many small habits that I need to develop that will all contribute to my achieving this goal. I recommend writing these goals down in a place you look at every day. Maybe in a note book so you can add to it and remind yourself on-the-go.

No. 2

Choose a Date to Start

Choosing a start date is so important because it is an official start date. My start day is today 18th October, 2016. This is important because on the same day every month you know when you started and how much progress you have made since then. If you are writing all your data down, this day every month would be ideal. It is enough time to see changes and acknowledge them to help you stay the course.

No. 3

This is You

Decided that the you are already the person you are trying to become. Why? For me, understanding that ‘I am the kind of person that does not eat processed foods,’ makes it easier to not eat processed foods because that isn’t something ‘I’ would do. You start being that person by beginning to be that person. I am praying this makes sense to you.

No. 4

Try New Things

Whether it be learning something new, cooking a new recipe or finding a new trial on your hike, try new things. This will help you have something to look forward to. Cooking a new healthy recipe everyday may not be in everyone’s reach as it may be costly and tiresome to some. I do however love to cook and try new foods and flavour combinations (this is kind of what got me in this part of my life). This time I will be making foods that are healthy and have more benefits such as higher levels of nutrients, instead of only tasting good.

No. 5


Just start and go about it as if your future is completely dependent on you doing this. This is so accurate because I do feel my future is COMPLETELY dependent on me doing this. It is so important for my present and future family, for my long-term health and to avoid disease and other undesirable life-style related conditions.

Hopefully having these points written in my note book will help me. After understanding all I need to do and deciding to start today I will hold onto this determined feeling and run with it for life. I want to have these health promoting developed and ingrained, which is accomplishable.


Thank you for stopping by. Do you have and daily reminders you implement to help keep you on track with your health goals? I would love to hear about them and hopefully help each other out. See you next post!