My current health habits over the years have transitioned from being healthy as a child to crappy as a tween then to moderately healthy as a teen and then to being fairly unhealthy as a young adult.  I have a few health-promoting habits I would like to introduce into my daily routine. These aren’t only eating and exercise habits, but also include morning and night tasks I wish to get done every day to make my future brighter.  I thought I would talk a little about some of my current habits.

My Current Habits Include…


Currently I am eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, however, I am also eating take-out, quick foods on my breaks at work as well as soft drink and fruit juice occasionally. I would like to completely eliminate soft drinks and the habit of buying unhealthy foods when I am out. Since getting married I have tried to prepare snacks and other food items to have on hand, which is so good for on-the-go.

Before getting married my eating habits were extremely erratic. I was working and traveling and did not plan meals at all. This made it hard to stick to a particular routine with food. As I am not traveling daily and can guarantee I will be at home for at least breakfast and dinner it will be a lot easier to implement better habits into my life. The specific food I plan to eat daily will be in future content on New Holistic Soul, so watch out for that.


At the moment I am not participating in any exercise, apart from playing with our dog and walking around at work. I am looking into joining a gym close to my area. In my senior year at school and the year following, I spent a lot of time at the gym. I found the atmosphere to be completely beneficial to my workout, especially when I would go with my sister. It was a therapeutic time for me as I was working two to three jobs and was also completing high school. I found that my body responded well to the exercises I was doing at the gym. My own experience with training at the gym has given me the motivation to seek the gym as a primary place of exercise for this journey. I also would like to become more physically flexible. I used to do gymnastics with my friends from primary school and have slowly become more ridged. I have been practising yoga on and off to the past two years and would really like to commit to the practice for at least twenty minutes a day. At the beginning of my healthy overhaul I wrote my measurements in a spreadsheet to record the progress, I make over time and so I can also share it with you.


I know this isn’t really a usual health habit but let me explain. I believe that being more organised throughout the week will lead to higher productivity. For example, if I prepare a menu for the week it would really benefit my family, so we know what we are having for meals throughout the week. This will also make it easier to buy the groceries for the week, which I like to do once a week. This will save us from having to think of what to have for lunch or dinner when we are already hungry and will deter us from making unhealthy food choices and wasting groceries. I will also plan my weeks out so I am able to allocate time for meal prep, exercise, and other commitments.

This is my starting point. I know I am not in the worst state possible as I make some healthy decision already. But New Holistic Soul wishes to bring more and more content exploring the health and life benefits of believing in yourself.

Thank you for visiting me and getting through another post, if you haven’t read my FIRST EVER post be sure to do that and see if you would like to stick around so we can get to know each other.