Welcome to my first ever blog post!


If you haven’t already read my ‘about me’ page I would suggest going there to understand what New Holistic Soul plans to share with its readers. I did mention in the opening of that page that the purpose of this blog can be completely summed up in, ‘The Reason’ by Hoobastank.

How I have treated my body, especially in recent years, has most definitely not been optimal for long-term health. My wish is to slip into a healthier life, although, I know in reality it is going to take an incredible amount of time and effort. Luckily I have the support of my husband and my family…

Being fit, comfortable in my own skin and living an active life has been a dream of mine since I can remember. I have gone through spurts of determination to eat healthy foods and smash out the exercise, unfortunately, the motivational force is short lived most of the time. I know that changing any habit, especially one that has been basically ingrained since childhood, is going to take some real effort. I do believe having you along for the ride may take my attention off the prospect of failure and help me persevere through the expected tough times whilst  bringing me company on my lifestyle overhaul.

The reasons behind my lifestyle overhaul are tall and wide. For now, I will mention my top three!

No. 1  

Avoid disease

In 2014 I took up the opportunity to study in the field of health and the main thing I discovered is that I am incredibly terrified of becoming diabetic. The list of symptoms and potential outcome of the disease is what scared me the most. Diabetes can lead to hospitalisation, amputation(s), blindness and even death and I would not wish that on anyone. Growing up I saw a family member struggle with their health (an autoimmune disease) which involved many hospital visits and my witnessing them in extreme pain, discomfort. It completely opened my eyes to how being chronically ill can impact many aspects of your life. As I do not have an autoimmune disease I think I would be doing the cells in my body an incredible disservice by not practising health-promoting habits.

No. 2  


I am now a wife and I plan to someday be a mother. I have heard that your child’s food habits can even be imprinted in the womb. I deeply want my family to not have to worry about the things I worried about growing up which was mostly things pertaining to self-esteem and body image.  My desire is to be an honest, healthy role model for my family. For myself, I do believe I have to know and practise good health habits so that I can properly care for myself before I bring a child into our family.  I want the energy and strength it takes to raise a family and care for my husband and our canine companion.

No. 3

Make my dreams reality

I believe that seeing results from making these changes in my life will be a fantastic measuring tool for proving to myself that I can actually make it to my goals. My definition of living is to focus on making choices that are going to be beneficial to my life. I want to prevent any lifestyle related diseases and make improvements to my energy levels. I wish to be more flexible physically, but also in life. There are many areas I could practise being more flexible (which I am sure you can relate). I am tired of wishing and I need to start working for my dreams to come true.


 A forward motion into a higher level of health is what I am focusing on to prevent lifestyle illnesses, for my family and prove to myself that my dreams don’t have to be just something that I fantasise about.

If you made it through my first post, I would like to thank you. I would love to hear about your health goals or resolutions you plan to implement into your life or healthy habits you already got going on!